Oliver Twist: Puppy Therapist

Age: 2
Breed: Pug
Sign:  Libra

Oliver  was  born  in  Atlanta,  Georgia.  He  was adopted by a couple in Arkansas just before his first birthday.  His new family included a brother, Doug the Pug, who was 5 years old.  Oliver also had a
new grandfather who adored him!  Sadly, his grand-father passed in May 2016, and his mother was heartbroken.  Oliver decided to help his mom by going to the office with her for company and comfort.  He then realized there where so many people to meet and love at his mother's office! He realized he could make other people in the office happier too, so he kept going to work!

Today, Oliver works with his mother to help orient, calm and engage RiverStone clients and staff. He greets clients in the waiting room to help with any anxious  feelings.  Oliver  loves  his  work  and understands  that  people  sometimes  need  the
extra support of puppy therapist during sessions.
As a therapy pug, Oliver will sit in your lap, at your feet or beside you on the couch during a session.
He also might just lie in his bed and listen.

Self-care:  Oliver enjoys spending time with his family, going to the park and going for bike rides.

Favorite toys:  Organic chewies, tennis balls and a Christmas sock monkey.

Motto:   "All you need is Pug" and "Live everyday like the gate has been left open."