Nutrition Counseling at RiverStone Wellness Center

What we put in our bodies matters and nutrition affects every aspect of our  lives.  RiverStone  Wellness  Center  offers  nutrition  counseling provided by Registered Dietitian,  Ashley O’Roark.  Nutrition counseling is  crucial  in  helping  individuals  challenge  their  thinking  and  actions around food to promote healthy eating.  Our Registered Dietitian uses Cognitive  Behavioral  Therapy,  Nutrition Education / Therapy,  and Experiential Techniques to aid clients in challenging their eating-related thoughts and behaviors in order to decrease distress while attaining a healthy weight.  
Areas of dietetic specialty include:


Committing to a healthier lifestyle, one that promotes both physical and emotional wellness, is an easy step at RiverStone Wellness Center.  Our providers  help  clients  design  a  multi-pronged  approach  to  fit  their individual needs.  Nutrition counseling with Ashley O'Roark is one way to  move  closer  to  the  healthier  lifestyle  you  may  have  envisioned for  yourself.  Learn  more  about  Ashley  at  the  link  below.

Reigistered Dietitian services are out-of-network.  Discount packages are available!  
Appointment frequency is based upon health conditions and individual treatment goals.  
Evening appointments are available.  For more information contact us at (501) 777-3200.
  • General Health

  • Eating Disorders
                 Anorexia Nervosa
                 Binge Eating Disorder/ Compulsive Overeating
                 Bulimia Nervosa
                 OSFED / ARFID

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Pediatric Nutrition
Ashley O'Roark, Registed Dietitian