Massage Therapy and Reiki at RiverStone 

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Massage therapy provides many health benefits: from stress reduction to boosting immune function, to relieving overworked muscles, and more.   Leslie Cox, LMT and Master Reiki Practitioner , offers a variety of massage types at RiverStone Wellness Center. These include ...

                                                        Relaxation Massage
Relaxation massage is the most common type of massage therapy. It involves long, light, kneading, and rhythmic strokes on the upper layers
of muscles. This is combined with gentle joint movement.  This type of massage therapy can be both relaxing and energizing.

                                                      Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage involves directing attention to identified painful, stiff areas of the body. This form of massage uses slow, deliberate movements that focus pressure on muscles, tendons, and tissue deep
below the skin. Therapeutic massage can be effective in relieving
chronic tension and helping with muscle injuries.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese based therapy that utilizes universal life energy to gently yet effectively promote internal balance and wellbeing. Many who receive Reiki experience a reduction in stress and anxiety along with improved sleep patterns. Studies also show reiki’s effectiveness in pain management. Reiki is currently being offered as a complimentary therapy in many hospitals and cancer treatment centers across the country.

A full reiki session last one hour with the recipient fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. Soft music is played in the background while the practitioner uses different hand placements to align and restore energy pathways in the body.

Single sessions are offered and depending on an individual’s goals for reiki a client may decide a series of sessions would be most beneficial.


            To schedule your session with Leslie click on the link below:

75-minutes       $   70.00
Series of 3         $175.00
Series of 6         $312.00

30–minutes    $40.00
60–minutes    $70.00
90–minutes    $95.00

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Aromatherapy Consultation, Products & Services

Aromatherapy services at RiverStone Wellness Center include private
aromatherapy consultations, custom blended products, and aromatherapy combined with massage and Reiki therapy.  Our products are made from only the purest essential oils and natural compounds.