Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy combines the use of creative processes to foster deep personal growth and development. The sensory-based qualities of the Expressive Arts help individuals communicate, repair,
and recover.  Some examples of Expressive Arts processes utilized in therapy include:
     · Simple drawings
     · Collage making
     · Working with clay
     · Creative writing
     · Music
     · Movement
No artistic ability is needed to participate in Expressive Arts Therapy. The focus of each session is on one’s personal experience with the art-making process, rather than on the end product. We understand that much about trauma is non-verbal and that, for trauma survivors, processing things in therapy in a nonverbal way can be freeing. Expressive Arts Therapy is offered individually and in small groups.
To learn more about the Expressive Art Therapy options at
RiverStone Wellness, please contact us at (501) 777-3200.  
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