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Brooke is a highly skilled and compassionate clinician who assists clients in recovering from stressful life experiences including  PTSD,  eating disorders,  depression,  anxiety, substance  abuse,  and  relationship  difficulties.  She  is clinically  trained  in  Cognitive Processing Therapy  for PTSD  (CPT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT),  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy  (DBT),  Seeking Safety  and  other proven treatments. She is also a certified national trainer for  evidence-based  practice  Social  Skills  Training.
In her eating disorder specialty practice, Brooke works with clients experiencing anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and distorted body image. She has the honor of being the only  clinician  in  the  United  States  to  be  trained  at  the advanced level in the leading evidence-based treatment for  adults   with   an   eating   disorder  (CBT-e)   from Dr. Christopher Fairburn  at  Oxford University  (UK).  Utilizing CBT-e  and  practicing  from  a  recovery-based model, Brooke aids clients in addressing the mechanisms that allow the eating problem to exist and continue.
As a holistic therapist and yoga teacher in training, Brooke utilizes complementary wellness approaches in treatment to  improve  client   health  and  outlook.  These  include mindfulness  training,  journal  coaching,  lifestyle assess-ment,  and  yoga  in  treatment.

Brooke received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. She completed two  clinical  internships,  specializing  in  acute psychiatric  stability  and  geriatric  psychiatry.   After  completing her Master’s degree, she elected to complete a year-long fellowship  at  the  Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare  System  (CAVHS),  specializing  in  psycho-social rehabilitation  and  recovery.   As  part  of  this  fellowship, Brooke  participated  in  a  clinical  rotation, providing  therapeutic  services  to  clients  in  the  Military  Sexual Trauma  Recovery  Program,  as  well.
Brooke is proud to have served veterans as a member of CAVHS’s  mental  health  services  for  several  years.  Her clinical  experience  has included  telemedicine therapies, intensive  substance  abuse  treatment,  eating  disorder treatment,  geriatric  psychiatry,  working  with  survivors of military sexual trauma, program development, and in an intensive  community - based  program  for  clients  with a serious mental illness.
Brooke enjoys spending time with her family and her two pugs. She also loves to travel, watch movies, and read. Her self-care practices include meditation, yoga, and riding her bike. 

Brooke Schulz, LCSW, EMDR II
Licensed Clinical Social Worker