Behavioral Activation

Behavioral Activation (BA) is an action oriented treatment for depression
and  is  based  on  the  premise  that  once  individuals  begin  behaving 
differently, they will begin feeling differently.  Clients who are depressed
tend to avoid pleasurable activities, engage in fewer social activities,  and isolate  with greater  frequency.  In addition to  prolonging  depressive 
symptoms, these  behaviors can  actually  create  depressive  symptoms.
To that end, clients create a hierarchy of actions or activities they enjoyed previous to the onset of depression, or clients may create a list of activities that  they  believe  might  be  enjoyable  if  depression  were  not  present.  
With the support of their therapist, clients begin to work through the list in order of difficulty (lowest to highest) and begin to  reclaim  their lives and improve their mood through action.  An important part of BA is the client 
developing  an understanding of  the  relationship  between  actions  and emotions. This process involves self-monitoring and feedback.  BA has robust clinical evidence for the effective treatment of depression and is used in some settings for anxiety and PTSD.  

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Behavioral Activation (BA)