Yvonne believes that, just like the river stone, each individual has a soul and a story to tell.  She believes that the answers lie within each of us and the work of the therapist is to partner with the one seeking assistance, listen to their stories and assist in finding the answers within that brings them health, healing, and wholeness. 
Yvonne has a history spanning over two decades of working in the social work field.  Currently, she provides therapy with 
individuals dealing with substance use disorders, PTSD, Depression, and other mental health diagnoses.  She is clinically trained and proficient in Motivational Enhancement Therapy / Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Processing Therapy.  Yvonne is also trained in Seeking Safety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focus Therapy, and Behavioral Family Therapy.  Additional clinical experience includes working with adoptive families, and with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and individuals experiencing other traumatic life experiences.   
Yvonne enjoys supplementing talk therapies with creative expressions such as music, writing, drama, and dance  with clients who are open to the inclusion of non-conventional methods of healing and processing emotions/feelings.  She embraces the strengths perspective; therefore, she looks for and builds on the strengths of her clients.
In keeping herself balanced and well, Yvonne enjoys writing plays and acting.  She enjoys laughter and good conversations with trusted friends, journaling, meditation, prayer, and enjoying nature. 

Yvonne Cook, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker

Yvonne Cook, LCSW
Licnsed Clinical Social Worker